Today’s businesses run on computers. They manage your money, help you connect with customers, and make everyday tasks more efficient. Except when they don’t. When technology goes wrong, you need an expert to make it right.

Some big companies have a full-time IT manager, but that’s a luxury few can afford. It’s more likely that when your computers cause havoc you’ll call an outside IT company to save the day.

So how do you choose the best IT company to support your business? Don’t just call the first company that pops up in a web search. Look for three key traits to find an IT company that will give you the service you need, when you need it.

Experienced Tech Support

Anyone with internet access can pretend to be an IT expert, at least, until the whole network crashes and you have orders that need to go out and you need this solved yesterday. Suddenly, those so-called experts look more like hopeful amateurs.

Look for an IT company with proven experience. They should measure their experience in decades, not months. After all, your business is at stake, you can’t entrust it to just anyone with a shiny laptop.

Accessible and Responsive Service

Have you ever called tech support and talked to a very nice, but clearly very far away person who couldn’t quite solve your problem? Maybe you called a local tech team only to find you can’t talk to anyone who actually knows anything about computers. Wouldn’t you rather have a direct line to someone who can meet your needs quickly?

Look for an IT company where the technician is accessible, so you can start working toward a solution faster. You have a business to run here. You don’t have time to waste.

Security Conscious Technicians

The internet makes the world more connected than ever. That’s great for many businesses, because it allows them to reach customers all over the world. But connectivity also means you’re more exposed to potential threats. A skilled IT company can help protect you.

Look for an IT company that stays up to date on the latest security threats and knows how to combat them. They should protect your business like it’s their business.

Find your Technology Solution

How does your current IT company perform against these metrics? If it’s time to make a better choice for your business, consider Technology Solutions. We’re a Maine business supporting Maine businesses. Owner Ron Potvin has been providing responsive, security conscious technical support to businesses for 20 years.

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