Cybersecurity is a hot topic for good reason. Poor internet security can put your clients, your money, and your business at risk. It seems like every day a new phishing scam threat hits the the internet. Protect your business by introducing training and technology to help your employees avoid phishing scams.

What is Phishing

Phishing scams are those sneaky emails that look like they come from a trusted site, but are really from hackers trying to steal your information. Most employees are savvy enough to recognize that the prince of Nigeria doesn’t really need their bank account numbers. However, scammers are becoming more clever every day. Their emails look like the real thing, and employees could be at risk.

Once an employee gives away sensitive information, or clicks on a questionable link, scammers can get direct access to your client lists, financial records and more. Everyone in your organization should know how to spot and prevent phishing scams.

Educate Employees

Smart businesses avoid phishing scams by making sure every employee knows how to spot a suspicious email. Teach employees to:

  • Verify that the sender’s email address is one they recognize.
  • Call or message a sender before giving out information.
  • Make sure url links match the sender’s email.
  • Never send financial or client information through email.
  • Call your IT department when they have questions or concerns.

These simple actions don’t take much time, and they can help your business avoid phishing scams. Repeat this training often to make sure everyone remembers what to look for.

Simulate An Attack

Test your employees by partnering with your IT department to simulate a phishing attack. Your IT professional can send out a fake email from a suspicious address. If nobody clicks the links or gives away information, you know that your employees remembered how to avoid phishing scams. Your data is safe for now.

If someone did give away sensitive information you’ll know you need more training to help employees avoid phishing scams in the future.

Put Safeguards in Place

Your IT professional can advise you on the best technical measures to protect your business against fishing scams. Contact Technology Solutions to safeguard your business today.